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Read carefully, this is the best experience for you! Become a professional shooter and give strength to yourself and your goals. The amazing adventure You can find this amazing adventure in the best shooting range in Prague

Do you want to have a lifelong experience? Visit us.

Do you want to give the most original gift? Call us.

Would you like something special and you wouldn`t call? Write to us.

If you are a complete beginner – it doesn`t matter.

Gun - black

Do you want to learn how to handle weapons? Whether it is for the protection of your loved ones or just a favorite hobby, you have the opportunity to learn this art with us. Feel free to visit us several times, we will be as happy as you. You will always agree on everything with us if something does not suit you.

With us you will find a lot of packages that you can use both with your friends and on your own. You will definitely choose.

We have a lot of weapons and bullets for your use.

Our weapons are, for example:

  • Pump action shotgun
  • AK47 Kalashnikov
  • CZ 550 Varmint sniper rifle.308 winchester.
  • Dirty Harry.44
  • Hekler&Koch.45 cal.
  • Glock 9mm

and more.

war - gun

If you are a computer enthusiast or you play shooting games on another device – you will find your own kind of enjoyment. You will see many of the weapons used in the games and you will be able to try them out. We offer you the best experience, price and overall satisfaction of you and your friends. This adventure is not for you if you are afraid of loud sounds, you do not like adrenaline and of course if you do not like weapons. On the contrary, if you are the one who can enjoy the environment and the already mentioned adrenaline – you will definitely not be bored.

The reservation system is just waiting for you. Are you already packed and leaving? In the meantime, we will prepare everything you need. See you soon.

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